We went on holiday

We went on holiday over half term….

Ive been trying to write this blog for a few weeks but something always seems to get in the way, from being a mum and doing mum duties or surviving on little sleep as hubby’s bowels decided to play unfairly and give us a bit of a tough week. He is doing loads better thankfully this week so until the next time….

October half term seems like a distant memory and yet it was only a few weeks ago and it was one of the best yet and so deserved…even if I do say so myself. We where very fortunate to be able to go on holiday and spend the week at Centre Parks thanks to The Royal British legion.

When hubby was diagnosed with bowel cancer last year we contacted The Royal British legion, they support soldiers, their families and veterans in different ways, including sending them on short breaks. The children had gone through so much since their dad had been diagnosed with cancer, going away or doing something special would have been good for them… for all of us.

They took sometime to get back to us but this was ok, as I would not have really wanted to go any sooner it would have been to much with hubby going through treatment. It would have been nice to have got away from normality and cancer and we would have enjoyed it but the worry of hubby becoming ill while away was to much to deal with.

When we finally had an email from them saying they was sending us away it was such a nice surprise, hubby was in remission and all appointments had more or less stoped. We decided we would go in the October half term and surprise the children nearer the time.

Thanks to the The Royal British Legion we spent a week in Centre Parcs, we created so many amazing memories to look back on. It was so nice not to keep to time and do as we want when we want. We spent the week chilling as a family and what was even better was there was no gaming and the kids where not even bothered by it. We went for walks as a family, we stayed up until late watching christmas films……(christmas films yet it was Halloween….kids choice). We slept in and got ready for the day with no rushing around to be out the house. We went swimming for the first time since before hubby’s diagnosis, which was a huge mile stone for us all. Showing his scars and being surrounded by that much water was a big deal and he done fab, he not even had a bath yet! He just showers….. We ate far to much sugar and wrong foods resulting in sugar rushes for the youngest most nights…. alcohol was consumed, maybe one or two glasses to many and the kids drunk loads of pop….. But I don’t care, its not everyday you go on holiday. We had so much fun, we all enjoyed our time away and would do it all over at the click of my fingers.

So much has changed in a year its crazy and mind boggling when thinking about it. October last year hubby was recovering from a huge operation that changed his life in so many ways. He had been told that the cancer had spread to his lymph noids and he needed chemotherapy, life was so hard its amazing we made it out the other end. Fast forward a hubby has had two operations and four lots of chemo with several follow up appointments and tests and is in remission….. he has no signs of cancer!!!!!!!! So to be able to go on holiday after everything this past year was amazing and a fantastic way to celebrate what we had achieved this past year and that hubby was cancer free.!!!! So from the bottom of my heart and my families.. Thank you The Royal British Legion.

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