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My story…

Who am i???? Why do i share my life???? Hi! I’m Charlotte, I’m married to my soul mate and have 4 kids who are my world. Oh and i have 2 dogs and 2 cats who complete my family. I started this blog to give myself some value and feeling of worthiness in life with […]

Is it really possible????

This week I have been doing my blog a year and I cant believe how much has changed within that year! One of the jobs on my never ending to do list that grows daily, was to update my personal details or bio on my social media platforms and website, since my blog has been […]

I’m me, just a wife and a mum.. and this is my blog!

Firstly a massive hello to all my new likers and a massive thank you to all the oldies that have followed me from the start, thank you for all the likes, comments, sharing of posts and page and of course your continued support during the past 11 months. Words will never be enough to show […]

Cherish Living Dream

Job hunting! 100% MIND DRAINING!

I have spent the past few hours looking for jobs and feel like i have achieved nothing. I have lost count on how many jobs i have applied for and its draining in many ways. Especially when they never get back to you. My CV is going to have a large rest period from when […]

Feeling fed up.

Apart from completing forms i can not think of anything worse then job hunting. I have been trying to find a job on and off since last summer. It feels like a life time ago that i worked, and there is only so much house work one can do before you feel like your cracking […]