Hubby is 8 months post op already…

Hubby is 8 months post op already…

Life really does go by quickly, this time last year hubby had completed his first cycle of chemo and decided that he was not strong enough to do the next cycle. Things had got to much, he was still recovering from his operation, first cycle of chemo and the kids had shared their germs…. The joy!!!

Fast forward to this year and hubby has completed his chemo, been told he is in remission and had his ileostomy reversal and is nearly 8 months post op…. omg!!!!!! The last time I wrote and updated on his recovery and our journey was when he was 4 months post up…. I feel like all I do is blink at the moment and I’ve missed a few weeks…. Life is passing by extremely quickly.

So at four months post op life was challenging but hubby was recovering well. He was spending less time running to the toilet and he was having more and more good days. He had gone back to work, he was running… including doing park runs and going out on his motorbike. His energy was growing daily and life was slowly returning to normal…. Whatever that is.

Fast forward to 8 months post op hubby is doing absolutely amazing, you can see his strength growing almost daily. He is going out more and more on his bike and even joining in with the eldest at his football training. It’s so good to see how far he has come since this time last year when his energy was extremely minimal and his bike never got a second glance.

Life is not straight forward though…

This recovery stuff is mind boggling in so many way!!! A few weeks can pass by, its almost like hubby never had cancer or an ileostomy reversal. We go out as a family, we go running and hubby is increasing his hours at work…life is good. However Just like that though life can be turned upside down and those good weeks turn in to bad days and even a week or so. Its almost like someone has pressed the rewind button and we gone back 8 months.

I can get up on a morning after a bad night and see several empty toilet roll tubes on the window sill thanks to his bowels not playing nicely. A few weeks ago, physical and mental exhaustion hit me big time, I felt I could not function properly due to such little sleep. Hubby’s bowels decided that around midnight / 1am they wanted to wake up and not settle at all for the rest of the night. I think I managed an hour or so of pure broken sleep the same as hubby, he was up and down like a yo yo…. His bowels just wouldn’t settle. I remember the alarm going off for the school run, somehow making a cuppa for us both and saying something about the kids having the day off school. They had also all been unsettled during the night so hubby was like do it…. Through this journey we have tried to keep life as normal and settled as possible for the kids, they have only ever had two days off during this crappy journey…. one being this day with the first being the ileostomy reversal due to restrictions with child care.

During a bad episode we rack our brains trying to figure out as to what the hell he has eaten to upset his bowels. We are so cautious with his diet that its usually near impossible to understand what the hell has upset it. During recovery there has been a few things that we have come across that hubby can no longer really eat with out them upsetting his bowels, however within moderation he does still eat some of the foods…. I mean you cant have a roast dinner with out veg right!!!

At four months post op recovery was going well and there was some sort of routine and knowing when the bad days/nights may come. At 8 months recovery is going well but it feels at the moment more often then not we are at a few weeks post op. Hubby was doing amazing and still is, but omg… the bad episodes really do knock him, to the point he is unable to work. Recently I think he had to take more or less the full week off as a bad night just wiped him out. Experiencing this is horrible, watching him go backwards, feeling guilty that I may have fed him something by mistake.. seeing him not have the strength to go for a run or even take the boys to training. When the surgeon said that recovery can take up to a year and his bowels may never be the same…. Well he sure as hell was telling the truth.

Cancer sucks….. cancer is crap……. cancer does not just go away when your in remission….cancer will always be in the shadows….
Cancer can knock your body side ways, it can take years to recover. In just over a year hubby was diagnosed with cancer, had a life changing operation, had 4 cycles of chemo and then had another operation. Recovery is not going to happen over night..its going to take years!!!!!

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