There is always a mouth to feed….

This is something I have never done before so bare with me. I’m someone who shares their journey of all things mum including the rubbish bits. My family are everything to me, when i look at the word family……for me it includes the crazy and loving dogs and cats.

No matter what there will always be a mouth to feed and it will usually fall to good old mum to sort it…

Feeding a family is tough going putting up with fuzzy eaters and I’m not just talking about the kids, the animals are just as bad and OMG there bums can be worse then hubby at times.

So along with hubby and four kids we have two dogs and two cats…. so meal times can be challenging…… this past few weeks I have been lucky enough to try out IAMS for Vitality, you can get it for both dogs and cats but ive only been trying it with the cats.

My cats can be quite picky when it comes to meal times, if they dont like something then they wont eat it. So when I was accepted to take part in this trial I was delighted. My delivery turned up with flavours fish and meat and my two could not wait to get their claws in to it, attacking the bags sending them flying from the table and eating the biscuits from my hands as I’m serving them.

They have been on the biscuits for a few weeks and I have no complaints what’s so ever, they absolutely love them and I’ve even noticed a difference already in their fur…. its so soft and shinny. I have tried them on both flavours and I believe they are equally liked which I’m happy about. As far as I’m concerned if I have happy pets then I am happy and so are the rest of the family. It’s only been a few weeks but I’ve already noticed a difference, they are so much more content and full after their meals. They are playful as well as contented and love nothing more then having a cosy cuddle when they have a full belly and a belly rub. One thing that really drew me to IAMS is that it helps to promote and encourage healthy vitality supporting healthy joints which is important, especially as one of my cats has been unfortunate in being run over leaving him with broken bones.

I will certainly be adding these biscuits to my shopping list for my two little fuss pots, they have not left a crumb in  their bowels the past few weeks which is amazing. I recon i may just try the dogs out on it as well, if the cats are happy with IAMS then hopefully it will go down just as well with the dogs.

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If you want any more information then please send me a message or click on the link ive included.

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