A cancer journey from a child’s eye..

A Cancer journey from a child’s eye and heart.

Hi Lovlies….. hope your keeping ok. This is not really a blog but something I cant wait to share with you all.

If you have been following me for a while you will be fully aware that i am a mum to four crazy kids 3 being teenagers and a nine year old. I’m also wife to my soul mate, who was unfortunately diagnosed with bowel cancer last year and thankfully is currently in remission.

My family are my world…. my kids drive me up the wall but i love them to the moon and back…. my hubby i could quite easily tell to do one at times….. however this is life and they are my family and i would have it no other way. I started blogging all the ups and down of family life just over a year ago as i was struggling with life myself, i wanted to show mums thats its ok to have those down days as well as those days you dont feel like parenting. Not long after i started sharing stories of being a mum my hubby was diagnosed with bowel cancer… it was not an easy decision but i decided to share mine and my families cancer journey as life felt like it was falling down around us.

Sharing my families journey through cancer was not easy, my blogs have always been open and honest which not everyone has agreed with. Which was hard to except at the time but i believed by being open i would be able to help more people, as there is very ;little information out there for families or individuals going through what we are as a family. As time has gone on and i have reflected ive become a stronger person and have become determined to share my journey and raise awarness for cancer, remembering that cancer does not just impact the individual. My husband was unfortunately the one with the cancer, but it hit me bloody hard and the same with the children. So with this in mind I’m so proud that my daughter has agreed to share her journey of the past year. What it was like for her being on an emotional roller coaster and watching her dad become  so ill that she was scared he may not be around for christmas.

I will upload the blog in the next day or so, please remember this was a tough time and it took a lot for my daughter to do this. She still cant talk about the journey without crying her eyes out. All the words are hers and it was not an easy blog to right. I could not be more proud of my baby girl.

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