I went for a run but could not be bothered..

I went for a run today but oh my i could not be bothered. 

I woke up today with no motivation at all and was constantly trying to talk myself out of going for a run. Making up excuses about the amount of work I have to do and how I should be resting after my physio because of my #impingment.

However I did not try very hard at talking myself out of it as I did go for a run and I’m so glad I did. I achieved my 3rd run of the week, it was still under 3k but was the furthest I’ve run all week and it felt bloody good. I’ve managed to keep good timing and am slowly managing to get my breathing back under control. It was my leg that let me down not my breathing but that does not matter as I still got up and done something. 

Achieving this run today put me in the mind set to achieve set goals today and that’s what I did. I woke up with no motivation today but gave myself a kick up the ass and went on to achieve a run, housework, work and went to the shop with my baby girl… oh and I’ve done the dreaded ironing. We all have wobbles which is fine but fight them as it will be worth it I assure you. 

Hope you all have a lush weekend all I’m off to watch #childreninneed with a glass of #wine. 🥂

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