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Looking back, or looking forward

Looking back….or looking forward!!!!! Can’t believe that this year is nearly over, its flown by that quick that it feels like I’ve skipped half the year. In less then 24 hours we well be celebrating the new year!!!!!!! Omg!!!! This year has been crazy!!! All things Cancer and kids and then work… trying to live […]

Hubby is 8 months post op already…

Hubby is 8 months post op already… Life really does go by quickly, this time last year hubby had completed his first cycle of chemo and decided that he was not strong enough to do the next cycle. Things had got to much, he was still recovering from his operation, first cycle of chemo and […]

We went on holiday

We went on holiday over half term…. Ive been trying to write this blog for a few weeks but something always seems to get in the way, from being a mum and doing mum duties or surviving on little sleep as hubby’s bowels decided to play unfairly and give us a bit of a tough […]

A year today…

23rd November 2017… i remember the day so clearly… it was the first day of chemo and life took another turn!!!!!! This time last year life was tough and it was about to get even harder as chemo cycle one started. I remember this day as it was like yesterday, it was horrible and mentally […]

I went for a run but could not be bothered..

I went for a run today but oh my i could not be bothered.  I woke up today with no motivation at all and was constantly trying to talk myself out of going for a run. Making up excuses about the amount of work I have to do and how I should be resting after […]

My daughters perspective of her dad having cancer.

Hi, my names Keeley and currently I am the age of 17. This is my story of how the word Cancer changed mine and my family’s life. Cancer!! That’s what was on my mind all day on the 31st of August 2017, I didn’t know why though, maybe because I was nervous for my dad’s […]