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I went for a run but could not be bothered..

I went for a run today but oh my i could not be bothered.  I woke up today with no motivation at all and was constantly trying to talk myself out of going for a run. Making up excuses about the amount of work I have to do and how I should be resting after […]

I just ran 6k..

OMG!!!!! I ran 6.1km this morning🙂🤪 I have never run this distance before and at so many points during this run I thought i was going to stop, my leg was just not playing nicely. This week I have covered the distance 15.7km wtf!!! I have never done this distance within a week and it […]

Omg.. I just ran 4.1km

It’s Friday!!! 😁 so what better then to start the day with a run, a bloody good one at that as well!!! For the first time ever i ran 4.1km it may have been slowly but in a little under 8 weeks for me this a huge achievement. Not forgetting I’m currently undergoing tests for […]

I’ve started running!!!!

Two weeks ago I started running!!!! This is something as an adult I don’t do and never really did as a child. I’ve never really been a sporty person, my mum loves telling the most embarrassing stories of myself and my sister attempting to do sports day and how we used to always come last. […]