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I went for a run but could not be bothered..

I went for a run today but oh my i could not be bothered.  I woke up today with no motivation at all and was constantly trying to talk myself out of going for a run. Making up excuses about the amount of work I have to do and how I should be resting after […]

Easter holidays have been and gone.

  I love the school holidays, yes you read that right…. I love being able to turn the alarm of at the beginning and being able to wake up when I wake up…. Or more then likely when Rylee wakes me up. He is still at the age that the later you put him to […]

Feel like giving up….

Feel like giving up…. Good afternoon lovely people..i hope your all enjoying the sun.  I’m sure i’m not the only one who has ever felt like they have just had enough and wanted to quit at what it was they was doing. !!! Well i had one of these moments recently… I’m currently trying to […]