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A cancer journey from a child’s eye..

A Cancer journey from a child’s eye and heart. Hi Lovlies….. hope your keeping ok. This is not really a blog but something I cant wait to share with you all. If you have been following me for a while you will be fully aware that i am a mum to four crazy kids 3 […]

The reversal…

So the time has come for hubby to have another operation ? but this is not just any operation this is the reversal of his ileostomy. Two days from it being 7 months hubby was in the same hospital having the ileostomy because life chucked the cancer card. There has been the odd down moment, […]

Chemo.. cycle two.. complete

Cycle two has been completed, and it has been completely different to cycle one. I expect this is something to do with the fact that hubby only had half the Oxaliplatin due to an extravasation, which is still occasionally causing him slight pain and discomfort in his hand and wrist. (If not already then read Starting […]

chemo cycle one, complete

Chemo…. The first cycle…. cycle one complete…

I have had the aim and did try to write this blog since a week or so into the first cycle, however due to living the unknown of chemo I found myself unable to find time or have the motivation to write anything. This has more or less been the case for the past two […]

Chemo Update

Chemo update!!

I’m not sure what word I hate the most, cancer or chemo….. They are both s**t and both cause your life to turn upside down. Hubby has yet to start his chemo ☹ and there is still no date as when this will start. Its driving me mad that it is taking so long. I suppose to […]

Cancer !!!! And how it has affected me!

Cancer !!!! And how it has affected me!!!!!!

Cancer is this thing that according to the NHS can affect one in three of us…. It’s this thing/disease that can start out as cells in a specific part of your body and if not caught can spread to other areas of the body. This is a disease, in my eyes and experience that is […]