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Looking back, or looking forward

Looking back….or looking forward!!!!! Can’t believe that this year is nearly over, its flown by that quick that it feels like I’ve skipped half the year. In less then 24 hours we well be celebrating the new year!!!!!!! Omg!!!! This year has been crazy!!! All things Cancer and kids and then work… trying to live […]

A year on since a life changing operation.

A year ago to the day my husband underwent a life changing operation, an operation that would move a cancerous tumour resulting in him being left with a stoma. Until he came out the theatre we had no idea if the stoma was for life or just while his insides healed. The lead up to […]

4 months post op

4 months post op!!!! I started writing this blog when hubby was about 3 months post op but had to put it to the side for a while, thats the joy of trying to occupy 4 children with sometimes very little sleep during the summer holidays. It’s crazy to think that its about 4 months […]

Recovery of ileostomy reversal 8 weeks on..

Recovery of ileostomy reversal 8 weeks on…. At the time of me writing this blog hubby is 8 weeks post op and its amazing at how well he is recovering. These weeks have been challenging and at times long but over all I can’t believe how quick they have gone and far we have come […]

The day has come for the reversal!

The reversal? Hubby no longer has his pooh bag!!! The ileostomy was only ever a temporary measure, it was formed to help the bowels to repair after having the tumour removed. It felt like a lot longer but hubby had the bag just short of 7 months, when thinking back to how anxious he was […]

The reversal…

So the time has come for hubby to have another operation ? but this is not just any operation this is the reversal of his ileostomy. Two days from it being 7 months hubby was in the same hospital having the ileostomy because life chucked the cancer card. There has been the odd down moment, […]