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A year today…

23rd November 2017… i remember the day so clearly… it was the first day of chemo and life took another turn!!!!!! This time last year life was tough and it was about to get even harder as chemo cycle one started. I remember this day as it was like yesterday, it was horrible and mentally […]

A cancer journey from a child’s eye..

A Cancer journey from a child’s eye and heart. Hi Lovlies….. hope your keeping ok. This is not really a blog but something I cant wait to share with you all. If you have been following me for a while you will be fully aware that i am a mum to four crazy kids 3 […]

A year on since a life changing operation.

A year ago to the day my husband underwent a life changing operation, an operation that would move a cancerous tumour resulting in him being left with a stoma. Until he came out the theatre we had no idea if the stoma was for life or just while his insides healed. The lead up to […]

Bowel cancer and your mental health..

I’m not sure how this blog is going to go, writing a blog on bowel cancer and mental health when hubby is a matter of weeks post op from an ileostomy reversal is undoubtedly going to stir up many emotions and many I’m still very sensitive to. Cancer is a journey that no one wants […]

Well that was unexpected

Well that was unexpected..

This week hubby was meant to start cycle 4!!!! I had an emotional day the day before, which considering the previous two cycles this in my eyes was expected. When the day arrived I was feeling anxious as I had no idea how the day was going to go, but by the end of the […]

new year... cancer...chemo

New year.. Cancer..chemo

New year…. Cancer…..chemo New year and starting it with cycle two of chemo… We had a fab Christmas and it was so good to be able to put cancer to the back of my mind for a few days, I never thought of it once. J However Christmas is over and we are on day […]