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My daughters perspective of her dad having cancer.

Hi, my names Keeley and currently I am the age of 17. This is my story of how the word Cancer changed mine and my family’s life. Cancer!! That’s what was on my mind all day on the 31st of August 2017, I didn’t know why though, maybe because I was nervous for my dad’s […]

Scanxiety!!! Anxiety!!!

While being on this cancer journey with my family I have come across so many new words, and with the majority of them I have absolutely no understanding of their meaning. Medical jargon is something that is anything but easy to understand and take in and is not made any easier as your brain spins […]

Ileostomy Reversal post op… and going for a poo!!!!

  Just over two weeks a go hubby had his reversal for his ileostomy, its fair to say that he is doing fab and his surgeon is more then pleased with how he is recovering. It’s been a tough couple of weeks with lots of talking about pooh which I expect will continue for sometime […]

The day has come for the reversal!

The reversal? Hubby no longer has his pooh bag!!! The ileostomy was only ever a temporary measure, it was formed to help the bowels to repair after having the tumour removed. It felt like a lot longer but hubby had the bag just short of 7 months, when thinking back to how anxious he was […]

The reversal…

So the time has come for hubby to have another operation ? but this is not just any operation this is the reversal of his ileostomy. Two days from it being 7 months hubby was in the same hospital having the ileostomy because life chucked the cancer card. There has been the odd down moment, […]

Feeling really emotional.

Feeling really emotional…….. This blog is proving hard to write, not sure if it’s because it’s the Easter holidays or because I can’t stop thinking about the next challenge we face. I’m not sure whats happened but the beginning has been deleted and restarted so many times I’ve lost count. It’s safe to say the […]