Tag: Chemotherapy

A year today…

23rd November 2017… i remember the day so clearly… it was the first day of chemo and life took another turn!!!!!! This time last year life was tough and it was about to get even harder as chemo cycle one started. I remember this day as it was like yesterday, it was horrible and mentally […]

Feeling like autumn

Feeling like Autumn and this year we can enjoy it I absolutely love this time of year and am really looking forward to those cold mornings and cozy evenings…. I’m one of those people that love wrapping up to leave the house and wearing cozy pjs on an evening under a blanket and having cuddles […]

Feeling really emotional.

Feeling really emotional…….. This blog is proving hard to write, not sure if it’s because it’s the Easter holidays or because I can’t stop thinking about the next challenge we face. I’m not sure whats happened but the beginning has been deleted and restarted so many times I’ve lost count. It’s safe to say the […]