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It’s been a year already!!

It’s been a year already…. On the 31st August 2018 it will be 1 year since my husband my soul mate was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer…… a year since we started our cancer journey, a year of being on an emotional roller coaster!!!!!! This time last year I was living with a huge […]

Feeling really emotional.

Feeling really emotional…….. This blog is proving hard to write, not sure if it’s because it’s the Easter holidays or because I can’t stop thinking about the next challenge we face. I’m not sure whats happened but the beginning has been deleted and restarted so many times I’ve lost count. It’s safe to say the […]

The last cycle!!

Yes you read that right; the last cycle has been done. It sounds strange saying and writing this but hubby has completed his last cycle!!! There is no more chemo!!!!! That hurdle has been well and truly dealt with!!!! Some of you may be aware that he was meant to have 6 cycles of chemo […]

Cycle 4 !!

At the time of writing this blog cycle 4 has been been completed, thank scooby!!! Just like the previous cycles it caused side effects. To me the side effects seemed to be a mixture from previous cycles including the first, it was really strange listening to hubby explain them and even worse watching the impact […]

At last cycle 4 has started!

After a few weeks of this blasted cycle being delayed at bloody last it’s started!!!! Woke up strong minded however there was still a very close moment that I thought it was not going to bloody happen.. ?? The morning was going well, we took the kids to school followed by the usual things like […]

Our cancer journey!

Myself and my husband feel over whelmed that we have been asked by Bowel Cancer UK to share our journey on their real life stories part of there website. Here is our story: https://www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk/about-bowel-cancer/real-life-stories/roger-(38)-and-charlotte-(36)-white-from-llanelli/