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Feeling like autumn

Feeling like Autumn and this year we can enjoy it I absolutely love this time of year and am really looking forward to those cold mornings and cozy evenings…. I’m one of those people that love wrapping up to leave the house and wearing cozy pjs on an evening under a blanket and having cuddles […]

Scanxiety!!! Anxiety!!!

While being on this cancer journey with my family I have come across so many new words, and with the majority of them I have absolutely no understanding of their meaning. Medical jargon is something that is anything but easy to understand and take in and is not made any easier as your brain spins […]

It’s been a year already!!

It’s been a year already…. On the 31st August 2018 it will be 1 year since my husband my soul mate was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer…… a year since we started our cancer journey, a year of being on an emotional roller coaster!!!!!! This time last year I was living with a huge […]

Is it really possible????

This week I have been doing my blog a year and I cant believe how much has changed within that year! One of the jobs on my never ending to do list that grows daily, was to update my personal details or bio on my social media platforms and website, since my blog has been […]

I’ve started running!!!!

Two weeks ago I started running!!!! This is something as an adult I don’t do and never really did as a child. I’ve never really been a sporty person, my mum loves telling the most embarrassing stories of myself and my sister attempting to do sports day and how we used to always come last. […]

I’m me, just a wife and a mum.. and this is my blog!

Firstly a massive hello to all my new likers and a massive thank you to all the oldies that have followed me from the start, thank you for all the likes, comments, sharing of posts and page and of course your continued support during the past 11 months. Words will never be enough to show […]