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Scanxiety!!! Anxiety!!!

While being on this cancer journey with my family I have come across so many new words, and with the majority of them I have absolutely no understanding of their meaning. Medical jargon is something that is anything but easy to understand and take in and is not made any easier as your brain spins […]

Check up time…..

Cancer is something that does not just disappear! When your told your in remission that’s not the end of it! There are regular blood tests and scans and for hubby colonoscopies. It’s just over a year since he was diagnosed which means it’s that time! Yep time for the blood tests which is today and […]

It’s been a year already!!

It’s been a year already…. On the 31st August 2018 it will be 1 year since my husband my soul mate was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer…… a year since we started our cancer journey, a year of being on an emotional roller coaster!!!!!! This time last year I was living with a huge […]

4 months post op

4 months post op!!!! I started writing this blog when hubby was about 3 months post op but had to put it to the side for a while, thats the joy of trying to occupy 4 children with sometimes very little sleep during the summer holidays. It’s crazy to think that its about 4 months […]

Omg.. I just ran 4.1km

It’s Friday!!! 😁 so what better then to start the day with a run, a bloody good one at that as well!!! For the first time ever i ran 4.1km it may have been slowly but in a little under 8 weeks for me this a huge achievement. Not forgetting I’m currently undergoing tests for […]

It’s my babies 9th birthday!!

Today my baby celebrates his 9th birthday. 9 years ago after a very long wait in the hospital my baby son came into this world. He was and still is a little cutie and is growing up to be such a kind hearted, loving and hard working individual. Happy 9th birthday my darling, i hope […]