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Feeling like autumn

Feeling like Autumn and this year we can enjoy it I absolutely love this time of year and am really looking forward to those cold mornings and cozy evenings…. I’m one of those people that love wrapping up to leave the house and wearing cozy pjs on an evening under a blanket and having cuddles […]

Is it really that time of year already?

Is it really that time of year already?? 🎃👻 I’m not a huge fan of #halloween , maybe it’s because I never really did anything for it when I was younger. I used to take the eldest 3 trick or treating when really young as we lived in Germany. Hubby was in the army, all […]

Walk together

#Walk together raising awareness for bowel cancer Bowel cancer is a disease that is close to my heart, I personally believe that it’s a disease that is not spoken about enough and yet it’s the second biggest cancer killer in Wales. Cancer is a roller coaster of emotions and a ride no one wants to […]

My story…

Who am i???? Why do i share my life???? Hi! I’m Charlotte, I’m married to my soul mate and have 4 kids who are my world. Oh and i have 2 dogs and 2 cats who complete my family. I started this blog to give myself some value and feeling of worthiness in life with […]

I just ran 6k..

OMG!!!!! I ran 6.1km this morning🙂🤪 I have never run this distance before and at so many points during this run I thought i was going to stop, my leg was just not playing nicely. This week I have covered the distance 15.7km wtf!!! I have never done this distance within a week and it […]

A year on since a life changing operation.

A year ago to the day my husband underwent a life changing operation, an operation that would move a cancerous tumour resulting in him being left with a stoma. Until he came out the theatre we had no idea if the stoma was for life or just while his insides healed. The lead up to […]