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Well today has not gone as planned!!

Well today has not gone as planned!!!!! Was meant to have an interview today, but i never made it. 🙁  The day started earlier then usual as hubby had to go into office, which is a 3 hour journey.  So all was going well, eldest was getting ready whilst having a continues sneezing fit. (This […]

Why do children grow up?

Why do children have to grow up??? A few weeks ago, my eldest child turned 16 yr and came home with her last ever school report. She applied for college and attended an event at school for sixth form. This was hard enough to get my head around.  Last week it was my eldest sons […]

Application forms for college..

Noooooooooo!!!! Have just completed an application form for my baby girl to go to college in September. Was dreading this day!!  If only I had some wine in the house to drown my sorrows!!! ?? #growingup #gettingolder #stopgrowingup

The things you do for the ones you love…

We celebrated my daughter’s 16th birthday on Saturday evening with family and friends, i was hoping for a relaxed Sunday after a busy Saturday.Well that never happened as hubby had other ideas… My hubby is a fan of VW’s, we currently have a T4 aka ‘The rust bucket’.. This works well as there is six […]

Wow! Yesterday my daughter turned 16 yr. I’m still trying to get my head round the fact  I have a 16 yr old child who finishes school in the summer. Think it may take some time to sink in ?? #younglady #feelingold #proudparents